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New Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2017


insurance marketing ideas

We are in a couple of weeks into the new year and now is a good time as ever to start planning for the rest of the year. So what do you want to achieve in terms of marketing your insurance agency? Do you have some insurance marketing ideas?

If there is one thing that we know about 2017, it’s that there are going to be a lot of changes happening around us. While you try to keep up with the times, you should also listen to the needs of your clients and tailor changes around them. With this in mind, you should still continue to provide quality and value to your clients and must take care of your relationship with them.

Here are 7 insurance marketing ideas for you to try :


Craft Catchy E-mail Subject Lines

 The first thing that clients see when it comes to email is the subject line. Crafting a great subject line increases the likelihood that the email will be opened and read. Your primary goal is to catch the reader’s attention and not be ignored. Think of it as you would a tweet, keep it short and direct to the point. It should also be relevant and timely. Make sure that your well-written email is actually read and improve your email’s subject lines.


Consider Automation

Automation is not something that concerns factories and manufacturing, you can use it for all of your internet marketing needs. Everything from social sharing, email and newsletter campaigns can be scheduled, saving you time. Being consistent and having a presence online and in emails keeps you tops of mind for opportunities and referrals.

Consider a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to help automate your follow up with clients and prospects. It will also keep track of client and policy information for you.


Get Listed

When it comes to insurance marketing ideas, the simplest things are often the most effective. Add your business to Google maps and other GPS systems. For Google, go to Google My Business and click Get on Google. You will first have to check if your business is registered, if it’s not on the business listing you will have to provide the necessary information. Last would be verifying and confirming your business and that’s it. When it comes to GPS systems, you have to register your business data through Dunn & Bradstreet.



Keep Data Up to Date

Take the time to go through your database of clients and update email and newsletter lists. It is important to check unsubscribe requests and remove any bad data. Inaccurate data is waste of time, effort and money. Keeping up with this also ensures to avoid spam reports and keep your reputation good in the eyes of your email service provider. This will also keep your account from being suspended too.

If you go through the data reports, chances are you will find out who are your most engaged clients. This is an opportunity to get in touch with them, turn them into policy expansions and get referrals.


And Update Websites too


insurance marketing ideas


While we are talking about technology, your agency’s website also gets a little attention. Optimization is key and your website should meet your customer’s needs. Make sure to use updated and upgraded back-office tools. WIth the proliferation of smartphones, your website should be mobile-responsive and give the same user experience. Clients should still be able to access your website and all of it’s features whether on mobile or desktop. This works for your agents too, is your agency management system (AMS) mobile friendly? So that your agents can get to their book-of-business wherever they are.

Be a Part of the Community

Something tried and tested should not be ignored, and being part of the community is still relevant in this time of social media. Make a mark in your community by having your presence known. First thing to try is connecting with community leaders and business owners.

Try placing ads in the newsletters of local churches, mosques and synagogues. Believe it or not it gives a personal touch and makes people more open to you since you put in the effort in reaching out to them. You could also write about insurance and publish the articles in local business newsletters and neighborhood publications.

Once you have made that connection with the community, go to the community center and hold an insurance seminar or similar information session to talk to the members of the community. Setting up events like talks and seminars will make you more of an expert when it comes to insurance and that will make people remember you better.

For local businesses, cut a deal with them to display each other’s promotional materials like postcards and flyers. Take it a step further and send clients to each other. You could also go to other insurance agents, those that sell different products from yours, and get referrals from each other.

Create a Referrals Rewards Program

If you’re a non-captive agent, a referral rewards program is simple to set up and it is basically giving a reward for an insurance referral. You can get started with $5 gift card giveaways or if you’re feeling really generous $20 in cash. To sweeten the deal, you could run a monthly contest, where each time a person gives a referral his or her name will be added to a hat for a contest prize. Prizes could range from movie tickets for two, dinner for two, massage gift certificates, or whatever you can think of to get clients excited.

This is where social media is helpful, because you can promote it across all platforms and engage your followers. Make sure to give a shoutout and thank whoever gives a referral. Announcements should also be included in your email newsletters, to keep all of your clients informed.

Just double check to make sure that rebating is allowed in your state, by checking with your state insurance department.


These are just a couple of ways to showcase your services and promote your business. These insurance marketing ideas can help you find more clientss. The more you interact with people, the more they will notice you. It takes time but with a little planning, you should meet your 2017 marketing goals.