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Facebook Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents


If you’re only using one social network for your agency, then it better be Facebook. This social media site has over a billion users, which is why if you’re looking for new clients for your insurance business, then this is one site that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Facebook marketing can help your insurance agency thrive and succeed in today’s market. However, running a page for your insurance agency isn’t the same as having a personal profile. If you use Facebook regularly for your personal life, then you may already have an idea of what to do, at least how the site works. However, whether you’re a Facebook maven or a newbie, you can learn how to use Facebook marketing for your insurance agency. Just make sure you follow these tips:

Engage, Engage, Engage

“Engagement” seems to be the buzzword for social media these last days. People are now starting to realize that social media isn’t just about blasting your message out to the world and hoping to reach as many eyeballs as possible. For one thing, Facebook has been throttling access to their 1 billion pairs of eyeballs, even for big brands. It used to be, as long as someone “liked” or became a fan of your page, they would immediately see whatever you post and so all you had to worry about was making sure people clicked on the right buttons.  But, Facebook is constantly changing and tweaking their algorithms, particularly the ones that decide what their users should see. And what Facebook seems to favor is engagement.

You need to be able to engage with users and keep your page active so more people will see you. Why? Well, we don’t know what’s in Facebook’s secret algorithm sauce, but we know one thing’s for sure: Facebook wants users to stay within their website and/or app. They don’t want to drive people away from their site, and they reward business pages that can get people to stay and like and comment away on their site. That’s why you need to keep engaging people on Facebook. Encourage them to like your posts or comment on their, plus, share them with other users. 


Create Useful, Interesting Content


So, now we know that engagement is key to a successful Facebook page. How can you achieve that? Well, one great way to engage users is with useful and interesting content. Content is king these days, and you want to give your audience what they want. One of the things you can provide that they want is information. You can leverage this by giving them information, not necessarily directly related to insurance. For example, you can give them information about events in your local area. Or you can create a series of tips for lowering their premiums, or how to keep their homes safe from burglars. These are things that are useful and might be interesting enough for people to share with their friends.

Build Relationships

When it comes down to it, social media is all about building relationships. In this day and age, it’s not enough that you have a business persona, but you also have to be a person – someone people can approach and get to know. That means two things: first, you need to spend time doing Facebook marketing and second, make time for conversations.

Now, spending time on Facebook isn’t just about blasting your message out to people, but finding out what they like and what they don’t like. Then, once you figure that out, you can start creating content that they like and possibly share with their friends. 



As for conversations, you really do have to take time out of your day and answer questions your audience members leave for you on your posts or your messages. Most users want a quick response to their queries, even if you don’t have the answers to their questions. Facebook also gives your agency a rating based on how fast you respond, so you want to make sure you have a quick turnaround time when it comes to replying to messages.

Stay Compliant

Of course, all of the efforts you put into Facebook marketing will be naught if you don’t stay compliant. The insurance industry is heavily regulated and you have to make sure you comply with all the pertinent laws and guidelines, both off and online. So, make sure all your activities are all withint FINRA’s rules and guidelines, and if you’re unsure, consult with an expert or always err on the side of caution.

Facebook Marketing Like a Pro

Facebook for insurance agents needn’t be a complicated matter. There are many ways you can use this tool to help grow your business, and no two agents will use it the same way. However, there are some basics that you should consider doing in order to ensure you maximize your time and energy spent on the site. By growing your Facebook audience, you can further your reach and grow your business.