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What the New Facebook Algorithm Update Means for Insurance Agents

For many digital marketers, Facebook is a double-edged sword. WIth over 2 billion active users, there’s no denying that Facebook is one of the most effective ways to reach as many people as possible in your market. Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/06/27/facebook-2-billion-users/ But, Facebook is still a private company (albeit publicly-traded) and they need to boost their own profits, […]

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Why You Should Offer Insurance to Wineries and Craft Breweries

Anyone who operates any type of legal business should have insurance; after all, business owners and entrepreneurs should be able to protect their customers, their employees, and themselves should something go wrong. Many insurance agents are happy to cover many types of businesses, from restaurants to boutiques to retail shops. However, there may be some […]

Expand Your Business and Your Book By Selling Insurance to Food Truck Vendors

When it comes to restaurant insurance, most agents think of traditional businesses – cafes, restaurants, fast food chains, bars etc. However, there is one niche that is underserved – the humble food truck operator. Many types of people, from professional chefs to hobby cooks, are getting their feet wet in the competitive restaurant industry by […]

6 Facts To Help You Sell Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is often an undervalued product for most insurance agents. According to Bankrate, only about 50% of all renters in the US carry this form of insurance. Many renters think that because they have cheap furniture, or that they are covered by their landlord’s homeowners’ insurance, they don’t need this type of coverage. However […]

Tips and Best Practices for Training Your Team Members

Training team members is a vital necessity for insurance agents. That is true for new team members as well as those that have been on the job for some time. Not all employees, however, will benefit from the same type of training. The execution of the training is, perhaps, more important than the training itself.

5 Ways to Transform Your Insurance Office and Increase Productivity

A successful insurance office requires happy, productive staff. But, the old adage is correct: Money doesn’t buy happiness – or an increase in productivity. While a person’s salary is, indeed, one of the primary factors in job satisfaction, it is only one piece of the equation. And not a very big piece, as it turns […]

Compliant Marketing Basics for Insurance Agents

Compliance Dos and Don’ts for Insurance Agent Marketing

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably know that these days, the Internet is where it’s at, whether you’re looking for a product, service, a job, or just about anything else. If you’re a business owner or a professional (such as an insurance and financial services agent), it’s also a great equalizer – you […]

6 Savvy Tips for Trouble-Free Insurance Team Member Recruiting

As an insurance agent, recruitment and the building of a stronger team are among your highest priorities. The entire industry is facing increasing pressure to replace its aging workforce, and the race is on to attract the brightest of the younger generation. But, knowing what needs to be done and accomplishing it are two very different […]

4 Ways to Use Social Media To Recruit Millennials for Your Agency

    Millennials are soon going to make up a large percentage of the global workforce, about 50% by the year 2020 according to a report by PWC. Employers today must face facts: soon, they will be interviewing, hiring, and yes, even promoting Millennials in the workforce. However, before they can even reach that stage, […]

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